Projects in China

China is Western Australia’s key trading partner, and the destination of 45 per cent of the State’s merchandise exports. China buys nearly three quarters of the State’s iron ore and a suite of commodities to fuel its rapidly growing economy.

Across government, industry, education and civil society, Western Australia shares deep and long-standing links with China.

“Our relationship with China is based on mutual respect: an approach which offers the best prospects to maximise our shared interests across a broadening array of fields. These include the sciences and humanities and particularly research in the resources sector.

Our University seeks to further its constructive relationship with many of China’s leading universities and institutions as we grow together in the ‘Asian Century.”

Professor Paul Johnson, Vice-Chancellor

The Centre for Dryland Agricultural Ecosystems

With food security and sustainable food production an increasingly pressing concern for a booming global population, UWA’s agricultural experts have teamed up with their Chinese counterparts at Lanzhou University and ICARDA (August Issue Cover Story Institute of Agriculture)  to step up research into dryland agricultural production and establish The Centre for Dryland Agricultural Ecosystems. With one third of […]

The Centre for Energy

The UWA Centre for Energy is an internationally reputable research facility in fuels, energy and sustainable development. The Centre’s overall aim is to develop new knowledge and advanced technologies for efficient, effective and environmentally friendly utilisation of fuels and energy in the resources industries. The Centre is working closely with leading companies, institutions and government […]

The Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute at UWA was the first of its kind to be established in Australia, and is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the strengthening of links between China and Western Australia

"I am confident that in the coming decades the city of Perth will grow in importance as a centre of business, educational and technological excellence in the region. This State will also continue to develop as the epicentre of a global resource and mineral supply economy delivering the growth that has seen an economic power shift to the Asian and Indian Ocean regions." Michael Chaney
Chancellor, The University of Western Australia